Sacred Soul Care Kit - Treat Your Body to Natural Relaxation

Explore your pleasure with a deeper connection. This plant-powered curated intimacy kit created with intentions to heighten your bedroom bliss. Gathered in a handmade white jute bag, the kit includes:

USDA Certified Organic Dried Damiana Leaf - 3 oz

Loving, potent, fertile & euphoric.  Our certified organic Damiana leaf is harvested in Baja California, Mexico. Traditionally, Damiana has been used in Mexican folkloric medicine as a heart opener, mood lifter, nerve calmer, and anxiety support. This versatile botanical in its leaf form has been known to be a brain tonic, support digestion, treat mild asthma, and aid in kidney and bladder function, and aid in relaxed and restful sleep.  Damiana leaves are revered as an aphrodisiac, and can boost sexual potency and fertility — and is well known in Western herbalism for its toning and adjuvant properties, particularly in mature women. 

Nectar -  Pleasure Potion for juicy intimacy - natural lubrication

An edible tingling & stimulating intimacy oil,  this aphrodisiac botanical blend nourishes your labia with moisturizing benefits. From Mexico with love, enhance your pleasure with the first sacred Damiana arousal oil. Designed for your inspired pleasure and passion, our unique botanical blend stimulates arousal by featuring ancient adaptogen Damiana (Turnera aphrodisiaca), a hormonal balancing herb that will deepen your sensual, heart-centered connection. Used since Aztec times, Damiana often helps women increase their ability to achieve orgasms and can help people establish a connection with their more sexual side.

MUAH! - Mood Uplifting & Stress Supporting Damiana Edibles

Artfully handmade with organic ethically sourced ingredients that capture the taste of Mexican stoneground, artisan-style chocolate, Muah! is a rich, sensual edible and health-promoting treat for a sexy date night or a heart-centered gift. Damiana is an ancient adaptogen used widely in Mexico and Central America, long beloved for its immune-supporting, libido-enhancing, relaxing, invigorating and fertility-boosting qualities. 

Lingerie & Yoni Myst - Florify & Freshen your intimate zones

Mist your body, & bedroom with an aphrodisiac essence- spray your lingerie & intimate zones with this luxurious botanical plant essence of Damiana. A sweet tropical aromatic hydrosol to clean take away odor causing bacteria. The hydrosol of Damiana is ideal for delicate zones and has been used for centuries to support revitalizing a woman's yoni with hormonal balancing essence.