Damiana Wellness

Pure Plant-Based Passion


Certified Organic Damiana Leaf

Loving, potent and fertile. Our certified organic Damiana leaf is harvested in Baja California, Mexico. Traditionally, Damiana has been used in Mexican folkloric medicine as a heart opener, mood lifter, nerve calmer, and anxiety support.

Damiana Essential Oils & Elixirs

Meet Damiana infused botanicals! Natural products that stimulate health, tend to the heart, and bring wholeness to our senses. Our practitioner-formulated line blends herbal wisdom for connected intimacy, fortified health, and sensorial delight.

Damiana Edibles

Artfully handmade with organic ethically sourced ingredients that capture the taste of Mexican stoneground, artisan-style chocolate, Muah! is a rich, sensual edible and health-promoting treat for a date night or a heart-centered gift.