Damiana infused products provide uplifting relief from anxiety and stress.  Damiana is a natural libido and passion enhancer and is a great aid for menopause and dryness.  Elevate your pleasure and arousal with Damiana!

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Damiana is great for PMS, menopause, and dryness.  This sensual super-herb naturally enhances libido and passion while quelling anxiety and stress.  Elevate your pleasure and arousal with Damiana!

"By adding this tincture to my daily routine my PMS has become more manageable, my hormones are more balanced and I can lead a normal life, while I am experiencing a moon cycle, with our disrupting the harmony of my life and those I hold dear. I would totally recommend this to any women suffering from this malady." READ MORE




Lets Talk About Sex. Damiana is Pleasure enhancing and Libido enhancing.  Elevating your passion, be sex positive!

Your vulva deserves a skin routine too; this enriching botanical can rejuvenate your sensuality. READ MORE





Why Damiana? Damiana can enhance arousal and libido.  It is also good to reduce anxiety, and gives you an uplifting and elevating feeling.

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Healing Ritual with Damiana. Damiana is sex positive and is a great aid for menopause and dryness.

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Damiana botanicals are sensual and passion elevating!

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Uplifting Damiana infused botanicals for women!

In ancient Mayan times, Damiana was used as an aphrodisiac and there are reports of Mexican Indians drinking damiana leaf tea to spark lovemaking, and improve both male and female sexual function. READ MORE





Flower Of Love - Damiana.  Elevating, sensual, and passion enhancing!

Damiana’s use as an herbal remedy predates written history. By the time the Spanish crossed the Atlantic, indigenous cultures had been using the leaf and stem for centuries to increase sexual desire, as an aphrodisiac and bladder tonic. READ MORE





Intimacy Ritual with Damiana. Great for low libido and menopause!

How to Create a Herbal Ritual for Intimacy. The herbal ritual I really recommend you take to the bedroom starts with our Damiana Essential Oil. This pure essential oil has a spicy scent, and helps to calm down anxiety, and to bring you into your true and authentic self. READ MORE





Hydrosol infused with Damiana! 
 Elevating and uplifting.


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