Our Damiana is fresh and ethically sourced from the wilds of the southern Sonoran desert and then steam distilled, on site, at our organic farm, which we have lovingly tended for several decades in the lower Baja.

When it comes to therapeutic botanical ingredients, we believe that quality is synonymous with potency, and are committed to selecting certified organic and ethical wild-rafted sources from around the world, whenever possible. 



Whether it’s kukui nut oil from Kauai, to California-grown jojoba oil, mineralized salts from the Dead Sea, blue chamomile from Morocco, or organically grown cacao sourced farms in Mexico,  Flor de Amor honors the integrity of the plant and offers exceptional products that are free from all synthetics and unnatural chemicals.  
This artisanal brand is carefully manufactured in a NSF/FDA certified organic laboratory in California to the highest standards for purity and quality by renowned and caring herbalists and formulators. 
Centuries ago, Spanish Missionaries found indigenous Mexicans drinking damiana for a myriad of adjuvant purposes, including enhanced lovemaking and over-all wellbeing. Even further back, the Mayans and Aztecs were using this magnificent herb as a fertility enhancer, digestive and aphrodisiac, and contstitutional tonifier.
Like all good classics, it stayed in rotation through the 1960s, exalted by ethnobotanists and hippies alike, finding its way into the pharmacopeia of herbalists and competent healers. A curious Baja Farmer, Co-Founder of Flor De Amor, Ross Vail, witnessed Damiana ’s evolution in local culture and folk medicine, and developed a respectful relationship with this plant in his 30 years in the Baja.