Damiana radiant love kit includes damiana essential oil, damiana tincture, damiana myst, and damiana tincture
Our radiant love kits provide you with all damiana benefits
Flor de Amor owner harvesting healthy damiana to ensure each product utilizes all of damiana benefits

Radiant Love Kit with Damiana inspired botanicals

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A self-care ritual for cultivating passion, relaxation and heart-centeredness. Take your intimacy to a new level with our curated Radiant Love Kit, truly a journey for self and partnered loved. This Sex Positive gift in a handmade white jute bag, is a botanical bundle featuring blended elixirs, oils and potions to enhance your sexual wellness. Used since Aztec times, Damiana often helps women increase their ability to achieve orgasms and can help people establish a connection with their more sexual side

Experience the multidimensional benefits of this sacred love herb- Damiana.

This amorous ceremony collection includes Damiana 100% Pure Essential Oil, Damiana Myst, Nectar Massage Oil & Affection Tincture. Our “Radiant Love Kit” is a unique gift of plant powered botanicals to support your personal journey with yourself and your beloved.